Should Westerners Consider Converting to Islam?

Fox News reported yesterday that a growing number of young, progressive Western women have been converting to Islam during the last several weeks. These young women have openly stated on social media that the Israel-Hamas war motivated their conversion to Islam.1 Should Westerners follow their example and consider converting to Islam?

In order to adequately answer this question, we need to know some basic facts about Islam. We need to know the following: 1) What do Muslims believe about God and Jesus? 2) Does Islam regard women to be equal to men or inferior to them? 3) Is Islam true, or is it a false religion?

Muslim’s holy book, the Qur’an, makes it clear what Islam teaches about God and Jesus. Like the Bible, the Qur’an teaches that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, was sinless, and performed miracles (see Qur’an 3:45-49; 5:110; 19:19-27). Unlike Christianity, the Qur’an contends that God does not have a son, Jesus is not God’s Son, and Jesus is not divine. Moreover, the Qur’an argues that Jesus didn’t actually die on the cross—he ascended into heaven and someone else was crucified in his place (see Qur’an 4:157-158). Many Muslims believe that God made the traitor Judas Iscariot die in Jesus’ place.

In contrast to Christianity, Islam incorrectly teaches that women are inferior to men instead of being equal to men. This teaching about the supposed inferiority of women appears not only in the Qur’an, but also in the Hadith. The Hadith includes the actions and sayings of Islam’s founder and most revered prophet, Muhammad (c. 570-632). Although Muhammad had a reputation for being honest, the Hadith contains such false claims that women are less intelligent than men and that the majority of people in hell are women. Aren’t those claims shocking and disturbing? In addition, both Islamic law and Islamic practice based on the Qur’an and the Hadith allow men to beat their wives (e.g., see Qur’an 4:34). These alarming facts clearly show that Western women should not consider becoming Muslims.

Is Islam a true religion, or is it false? In chapter 8 of my new book The Life Changer, I use five tests to evaluate Islam and other non-Christian worldviews. I share my positive experiences with the Muslims whom I have known, and I repeatedly point out that our experiences don’t determine what is true. Evidence determines what is true. There are many friendly Muslims living in various countries throughout the world, but is Islam really true?   

Please read my book The Life Changer to find many more specific details about Islam and how to accurately evaluate if it is a true or false religion. My book also shares my stories of my positive experiences with people from various other religions and carefully evaluates the truthfulness of Christianity, Judaism, and other popular worldviews. My book shows why I am a Christian even though I have enjoyed many great experiences with people who aren’t Christians. If you want to know the truth about who God is and who Jesus is, you will really enjoy reading my book!

1 Bailee Hill, “Progressive Western Women Converting to Islam, Sharing Reasons on Social Media Since 10/7 Hamas Attack,” Fox News, November 20, 2023,

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