Below are some of the many memorable and powerful statements that God led me to make in my new book The Life Changer: Finding Joy, Peace, and Your Purpose by Discovering Truth. If you like these quotes, you would really enjoy reading my book!

“We all need joy, peace, and a purpose in life. Addressing these emotional and spiritual needs is just as crucial as addressing our physical needs for food, sleep, and a place to live. Having joy in our lives fills us with a sense that God is in control of our lives no matter what is going on in them. Having peace provides us with emotional and spiritual tranquility through a healthy relationship with God. Having a purpose for our lives energizes us, enables us to focus, and infuses our daily activities with meaning.”

“We all yearn to enjoy lives filled with meaning, love, and laughter. We strongly desire to find meaning in our lives, to experience God, and to be loved by Him. We long to live a satisfying life that pleases God and makes a positive impact on the world.”

“God’s desire is that you accept His amazing love for you. God wants you to enjoy a life overflowing with His hope and to experience His presence and forgiveness. God wants you to flourish spiritually. When we flourish spiritually, we are full of joy, peace, and hope, and we live with a sense of direction and purpose. We know why we are here on this planet and what we want to do with our lives. We also know what God wants us to believe and how God wants us to live our lives.”

“Knowing whether or not your spiritual beliefs are true will enable you to find the joy, peace, and purpose in life that you are looking for.”

“Nothing on this earth can satisfy our souls. Only God can.”

“Deep inside, we all know that deciding to examine the truthfulness of our spiritual beliefs is one of the wisest decisions we could ever make.”

“Truth describes the way things really are in the world; truth isn’t whatever works for us or feels good.”

“Our suffering produces spiritual blessings and hidden benefits, and it can promote greater good in our lives.”

“Finding peace with God, experiencing lasting joy, and having a life of true purpose and meaning require knowing Jesus, the Life Changer.”

“Jesus is still changing millions of lives all over the world. He turns our mess into his message and enables us to conquer our fears through our faith.”