Has Transgenderism Reached the Point of Absurdity?

Last week, American rock singer Alice Cooper claimed that transgenderism has reached “the point of absurdity.” Cooper argued that it has become a dangerous fad that endangers women and children.1 Should we agree with his controversial point of view?

It seems clear to me and many other people that transgenderism has indeed reached an absurd point in America. Many doctors, therapists, and public-school teachers in America are promoting transgender ideology even though it is harmful to women and children. It causes chaos and confusion in families, schools, and sports. In recognition of the harm that transgenderism can cause, some sports have begun banning transgender athletes from participating in their women’s competitions, and many states have banned transgender care for minors.

I will now provide three reasons to believe that transgenderism has reached an absurd point in the U.S.

First of all, it’s unfair to female athletes for transgender athletes to be allowed to participate in female sports competitions. Transgender athletes have higher testosterone levels, more powerful muscles, larger hearts, and greater bone density than female athletes. These differences between transgender athletes and female athletes result from transgender athletes having gone through male puberty. God made men and women to be different, and a failure to acknowledge these differences has led to biological males entering women’s sports competitions and dominating them. Female athletes have worked hard over many years to achieve amazing feats in sports, and their records shouldn’t be broken by biological males who want to identify as females.

Secondly, transgender care for minors seems more like child abuse that compassionate care for our children. Gender-affirming care for children that involves hormone therapy and surgeries is unnecessary and unhelpful. It often starts with public schools hiding children’s gender status from parents while teachers and counselors encourage children to identify as the opposite gender. Once children identify as being a different gender, they are told to consider puberty blockers and surgery. Puberty presents unique and stressful challenges to our children, but hormone therapy and surgeries are never the right response for those challenges. It’s not compassionate to surgically remove the breasts of a teenage girl who feels insecure about her body!

Children need to be taught to be content with how God made them, not jealous of how God made their siblings and classmates. Many children who transition to the opposite gender deeply regret their life-altering decision and thus decide to detransition back to their true gender.

Finally, transgender youth in the U.S. have greater access to gender clinics, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries than transgender youth in Europe. For example, the U.S. currently has more than 60 pediatric gender clinics and 300 clinics that offer transgender treatments to minors. In contrast, European countries currently have only one to three clinics for transgender youth. Hormone therapy and life-altering surgeries are more readily available to transgender youth in America because medical clinics care more about money and profits than about the physical health and emotional well-being of our children.2

Transgenderism in the U.S. encourages teachers to lie, children to be jealous and confused, and doctors to be selfish and greedy. It has certainly reached the point of absurdity!

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