Another Atheist Comes to Jesus!

A few months ago, a former associate of the world’s most famous atheist came to Jesus. It was absolutely shocking to hear that someone who used to work closely with Richard Dawkins is now following Jesus.

Josh Timonen was one of Richard Dawkins’ closest companions. Josh started working with Dawkins in 2006, just before the publication of Dawkins’ bestseller, The God Delusion (2008). He helped with Dawkins’ website, foundation, merchandise, and some documentaries. He was Dawkins’ right-hand man until 2010.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Josh and his family moved and began attending a church. They started attending church so that his daughter could make friends, but they were surprised to find themselves interested in Jesus. After reading the Bible and various books about the history of the Bible, Josh and his wife became convinced that Jesus lived a perfect life, died for our sins, and rose again. Josh and his wife have come to Jesus!1 Isn’t that wonderful?

In my new book The Life Changer, I share the amazing stories of many people whose lives have been changed by Jesus, including several former atheists. Most of these former atheists have become not only Christians, but also influential authors and defenders of the Christian faith. If you would like to read more encouraging stories of former atheists changed by Jesus, you can buy my book at Amazon, ThriftBooks, Bookshop, Books-A-Million, Reader House, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble.

1 Ray Comfort, “Richard Dawkins’ Ex-Right-Hand Man Comes to Christ!”, Living Waters, June 9, 2023,


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